Book Scanning

We now offer book scanning!

Perfect for converting a back catalog to the new ebook format, or for those who want to update a previously published edition of their work but only have access to a hardcopy.

Choose from the following service options:


Hardcopy book scanning to Word – $.55/page

We will convert your book to a Word document with reflowable text. While your original print format will not be retained, your Word document will display the text in a way that is easy to edit and typeset for new mediums. We will provide you with a clean, coherent file!

Hardcopy to ePub – Add $.30/page to our eBook Design rates

Choose from our Simple, Standard, or Custom eBook Design options. (Scanning is 99.95% accurate.) We will take your hardcopy and convert it directly to the ePub and Kindle format, designed to closely match your print version or choose alternate layouts.

Proofreading for Scanning Accuracy – $1.00/page

We will proofread your material for scanning errors, increasing accuracy to 99.995%. (Authors can also choose to request a Word version [see above] and proof the file themselves.) Proofreading for scanning accuracy is different from our copyediting service, which involves a copyeditor reviewing the text for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other content issues, depending on the complexity of the edit chosen. For additional details, review our copyediting services.